Building Skills and Competencies for Implementation Practitioners

NJi en ZonMw

6 feb 2019 , 13.15 - 17.00 uur / Utrecht

What are the knowledge, skills and competencies required by implementation practitioners to support the proper uptake of knowledge in real world settings?

This question is at the heart of an invitational conference to be held on February 6th 2019, hosted by the Netherlands organisation for health research and development (ZonMw) and the Netherlands Youth Institute (NJi).

International guests

As part of our discussions, international guests Allison Metz (National Implementation Research Network at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, University of North Carolina), Katie Burke (Centre for Effective Services, Ireland) and Bianca Albers (European Implementation Collaborative / Centre for Evidence and Implementation) will share insights from developing a competency profile for implementation specialists.

Following their presentation, we will discuss the suggested profile of skills and competencies within the context of the Netherlands.

  • How does the profile resonate with Dutch implementation experience?
  • In what way are skills and competencies already present, and integrated into current courses and educational programmes?
  • Where are gaps that require the development of additional approaches to building the knowledge, skills and competencies of practitioners?
  • How can these be filled?

Together, we will draw a roadmap for what is already happening in the Netherlands and what is desirable to develop in the (near) future.

This event will bring together implementation experts, implementation intermediaries and (applied) universities that provide or plan to provide implementation courses addressing professionals working in health, social welfare and education. The conference will be highly interactive and include professionals from the Netherlands and abroad. Hence, the conference will be held in English, but there will also be room for discussion and collaboration in Dutch.

Practical information

Attendees: 15 – 35 from intermediaries, (applied) universities
Date: February 6th 2019
Location: Utrecht
Look and feel: Interactive, working together, learning together.
Aim: Setting an agenda for collaboration in teaching and learning about implementation skills and competencies.

Preliminary time schedule:

13.15: Doors open, start with light lunch and networking
14.00: Welcome / Introduction to the topic, short introduction of attendees
14.15: Presentation: The Implementation Specialist Practice Profile
14.45: Plenary discussion
15.30: Small group discussions
16.30: Plenary wrap up
17.00: End

Practical information in Dutch:

Dit betreft een bijeenkomst op uitnodiging. We zullen deelnemers benaderen die bij hogescholen, universiteiten, kennis- en onderzoekinstituten werken om met elkaar in gesprek te gaan. Mocht je vanuit een dergelijke organisatie interesse hebben om deel te nemen, voel je dan vrij om je aan te melden. We nemen dan contact met je op voor de details van de bijeenkomst.

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